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Logo Rhine River Lights ® 200-p-47, 2003We just want our passengers to have fun!
Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises with music, dance and fireworks.

Even eleven romantic boat cruises on the middle Rhine River, including firework and visit of a wine festival or a winery festival offers the organiser Germany-Travel-Net of the event serial  Rhine River Lights in the course of the year.
"Other than similar organisers, we have strictly limited the number of the boats", says the manager of Germany-Travel-Net Wilhelm Hermann. "Because of that,
virtually all guests are in the 'front row' during the fireworks of the Rhine river lights."
According to the information of Germany-Travel-Net, one or two fireworks are planned for the Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises.
In order to bring success to the Rhine-River-Lights boat cruises, Germany-Travel-Net does not just focus on pyrotechnical spectacles.
The organizer Germany-Travel-Net has timed the boat cruise trips in that way, that the passengers will have the possibility to visit either the wine festivals or the winery festivals in different wine towns on the Middle Rhine River in Aprl, May, June, July, August, September and October.
"All we want is our passengers to have fun!", says Wilhelm Hermann from Germany-Travel-Net, "that is why there is also live music and dance on the Rhine-River-Lights boats.
Tickets can be ordered on the internet at:

  Rhine River cruises to visit German wine festivals in 2015 Rhine River Lights: half day boat cruises, firework displays Discover Germany with half day Rhein Valley cruise trips, wine festival and fireworks between Cologne, Koblenz Coblence, Boppard, St. Goar, Oberwesel, Bacharach, Bingen, Braubach, Assmannshausen, Rudesheim and Frankfurt  
  Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhine River Valley, near Lorelei Rock Wine Hotel Gasthaus Stahl, Winery*** wine tastings Rhine river hills. Relaxation in quiet location and beautiful nature. Wine tasting in the romantic wine cellar. Hikes in the vineyards and to the Schonburg castle (about 1 km). Sleep with comfort. Rhenish cuisine.  
  Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhine River Valley, near Loreley Rock Wine Hotel Sennerhof, Winery Oberwesel on the Rhine river. Enjoy a winetasting with Riesling wines coming from steep vineyards and spend your vacation on the vine-dresser’s estate. Arch wine cellar, regional specialties, guest rooms. rustical Moselle / Mosel river wine tasting, ice wine, quality wine, spitted roast, vine dresser snack, wine hiking in the Ediger-Eller vineyards, explanations, view, castle Reichsburg, Cochem, grill  
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